Welcome to my little piece of the internet. I am a Canadian born artist of Rromani descent, you can call me Jakob.

To view my portfolio, click on the portfolio link to the left. Each of the thumbnails leads to a portion of my portfolio, grouped by artistic style or medium. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger selection of work, and click on the images there to enlarge them.

I work in various media, including paint, clay, metal, cloth, and just about anything that comes into my lap that I think looks interesting. I accept commissions for murals and and other works.
My primary gig is tattooing, and you can regularly find me at Atomic Zombie studio in Edmonton. I also travel a bit, so I may be at a convention or guesting at a studio near you.

If you would like a piece from me, send me a message via this website. I sometimes receive dozens of emails in a day, as well as working on my current commissions so I may take a few days to get back to you.

May you be lucky,
Jakob Shivengri